Toposuper2021 Online conference on emergent topological superconductivity
7-9 June 2021

Aims and scope:

This conference focuses on the topological superconductivity in low-dimensional correlated systems.

The study of topological phases of matter has a rich history going back to the quantum Hall effect and superfluid 3Helium. Although, only recently topology has become one of the main concepts in condensed matter physics. The significant interest is in the low dimensional systems where the interplay of electronic band structure topology and correlations between particles leads to the unusual topological phases, for example topological superconductivity hosting Majorana surface (bound) states. A topological superconductor might be engineered, for example, by utilizing the nanowires with strong spin-orbit interaction, (fractional) quantum Hall edge states quantum, and (twisted-) bilayer graphene heterostructures. Conference topics include:

Triplet superconductivity in hybrid nanostructures.
Hybrid superconductor – semiconductor nanostructures.
Majoranas in superconductors.
Surface states in topological materials.
Topological phases in quantum materials.
Magnetic impurities in superconductors.
Vortex bound states.

This conference aims to bring together scientists working on different aspects of superconductivity in topological systems to discuss the recent experimental and theoretical developments, explore future research directions, and stimulate new collaborations.

Organizing committee:

Minna Günes
Pertti Hakonen
Manohar Kumar
Alexander Zyuzin

COST Action advisory committee:

Yonathan Anahory
Annica Black-Schaffer
Szabolcs Csonka
Jeroen Custers
Alfredo Levy Yeyati
Chuan Li
Floriana Lombardi
Tomas Novotny
Dimitri Roditchev
Hermann Suderow
and the COST Action management committee.


The conference program will consist of overview, invited, and contributed talks as well as poster presentations.


Photo by Mika Huisman

Mitali Banerjee
Carlo Beenakker
Gwendal Feve
Katharina Franke
Sergey Frolov
Sergio Acero González
Sophie Gueron
Zahid Hasan
Timo Hyart
Thibaut Jonckheere
Shawulienu Kezilebieke
Eun-Ah Kim
Jelena Klinovaja
Daniel Loss
Peter Makk
Teemu Ojanen
Felix von Oppen
Dmitry Oriekhov
Elias Portoles
Elsa Prada
Javad Shabani
Qianhui Shi
Pascal Simon
Ady Stern
Björn Trauzettel

Photo by Mika Huisman


This online conference will be organized in Zoom. If you want to participate, please, register here